The long awaited release 5.0 is here!

Posted over 1 year ago by Simona Popelková

Simona Popelková
Simona Popelková Admin

Welcome to Celus version 5.0! Let us know what you think about our new features! 

  • It is now possible to tag titles, platforms and organizations and filter data by these tags in reporting

  • reporting now includes filtering by whole years and simple charts output

  • when you create a report with platforms in rows, it is automatically made accessible on the platform list page

  • platform detail page now includes data coverage tab, which helps you to immediately identify gaps in your harvesting and make sure you are not missing any data. The data coverage is available on the Platform details page charts and also in the dedicated Data Coverage tab.

  • you can manually delete exports in reporting, otherwise they will be automatically deleted after seven days

  • you can now import non-COUNTER data from a raw format (experimental feature)

  • we added a "Select all" button to the SUSHI harvesting screen

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