Celus version 5.5 brings non-COUNTER platforms processing

Posted about 1 year ago by Simona Popelková

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Simona Popelková
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We are delighted to announce the arrival of CELUS version 5.5!This release brings a range of fantastic features and enhancements designed to make your data processing experience even more enjoyable. Let's dive into the details:

  • Non-COUNTER Platform Reports: CELUS now supports processing20 non-COUNTER platform reports, including SciFinder, New York Times, OCLC, and more. You can find detailed information on utilizing these reports in thenon-COUNTER platforms section of our Support portal.
  • Data Coverage Overview:We have added a dedicated page that provides an overview of data coverage across the entire system. This feature makes it easy to identify and obtain any missing data, ensuring you have a complete analytics view.
  • SUSHI Credentials Export:You can now download a template for import and export of your SUSHI credentials
  • Enhanced Reporting Exports: Reporting exports now includerow and column totals, enabling you to gain comprehensive insights and conduct in-depth analysis.
  • Export Data in Excel Format: You can nowexport your data in Excel formatwithout including charts. This option offers greater flexibility and compatibility with external systems.
  • Alternative Organization Names: For consortia users, we have introduced the ability to addalternative names to organizations.
  • Deletion of Usage Data: When deleting SUSHI credentials, you now have the option todelete the associated usage dataas well, offering you greater control over data management.

Non-COUNTER data processing - help us process as many reports as possible

We are always striving to make your data analysis experience as seamless and efficient as possible. That's why we're excited to announce that CELUS is now processing multiple non-COUNTER compliant reports!Learn how to use this feature hereand don’t be afraid to give us your feedback!

Here you can see which platforms are in the pipeline.Would you like us to process any other non-COUNTER reports that are not yet there? Send them to us!

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