Release 5

Modified on Tue, 16 May 2023 at 03:24 PM

Version 5.5.0        2023-05-16


  • CELUS is now able to process 20 non-COUNTER platform reports – Choice Reviews, DBpia, eHRAF, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Factiva, Harpweek, ITER, Langenscheidt, Mergent, Naxos, New York Times, OCLC, O’Reilly, SciFinder, SciFinder_n, Statista, Swank, Ulrichsweb, UpToDate and Women Writers Online. You can find all the information about this in the non-COUNTER platforms section of our Support portal
  • We added a dedicated page for overview of data coverage throughout the whole system, so you can harvest missing data easily
  • You can now download a template for exporting/importing SUSHI credentials
  • Exports from reporting now include row and column totals
  • You can now export data in Excel format without charts
  • It is now possible to add alternative names to organizations (for consortia)
  • We added a platform filter to the SUSHI management page
  • the `Title overlap` feature newly adds information about the first and last month of available data for each title
  • when deleting SUSHI credentials, it is now possible to delete the related usage data as well

Version 5.4.0        2023-04-13


Version 5.3.0        2023-03-08


  • Overlap analysis – you can now compare titles present in your Celus with an uploaded list of titles. Read more.
  • Celus is now able to generate specialized reports. So far, the ARL report used in the USA and the Rebiun report required by Spanish libraries are implemented. We are currently preparing the ACRL/IPEDS report. Read more about how to use the specialized reports.
  • It is now possible to delete a user-created platform together with all its data.
  • Release dates were added to the changelog and releases pages.


Version 5.2.1        2023-02-02


  • This release brings several bug fixes and optimizations.


Version 5.2.0            2023-01-18


  • the COUNTER registry was integrated into our SUSHI management interface. You can thus easily identify the COUNTER-compliant platforms and get help with filling in the SUSHI credentials
  • the IP addresses of the Celus server are now available on the Troubleshooting page, so that you can easily send them to providers who use IP-based authentication
  • a list of non-COUNTER platforms for which raw data import is available was added
  • a bug in display of coverage data for the whole available time range was fixed
  • several minor bugs were fixed


Version 5.1.1            2023-01-05


  • several minor bugs were fixed
  • speed of several pages was improved (most notably platforms and annotations)


Version 5.1.0        2022-12-19


  • all charts now show the whole selected data range (including months with no data)
  • it is now possible to split the data coverage for one title by platform
  • you can now find more information about the report in the exports list (rows, split-by)
  • your view settings are now stored in the url so you can share your current view and save it
  • when you create new report, the currently selected date range and organization are used as default filters
  • several minor bugs were fixed


Version 5.0.1            2022-11-29


  • several minor bugs were fixed


Version 5.0.0        2022-11-22

New features

  • it is now possible to tag titles, platforms and organizations and filter data by these tags in reporting. Try it out!
  • reporting now includes filtering by whole years and simple charts output
  • when you create a report with platforms in rows, it is automatically made accessible on the platform list page
  • platform detail page now includes data coverage tab
  • you can manually delete exports in reporting, otherwise they will be automatically deleted after seven days
  • you can now import non-COUNTER data from a raw format (experimental feature)
  • we added a "Select all" button to the SUSHI harvesting screen

New features for consortial admins

  • you can now upload data for multiple organizations from one CSV file
  • a list of all organizations under your consortial installations is now available under "Organizations" tab
  • you can import non-COUNTER data for multiple organizations from one CSV file
  • it is now possible to create consortial-wide platform

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