How do I check if there are data for a specific month in my Celus?

Modified on Mon, 3 Apr, 2023 at 10:25 PM

To check if the data for a specific month has been harvested or uploaded, go to the Platforms section in the left side menu and select the platform you want to check.

By clicking on the Platform name, you can see five tabs (Charts, Titles, Data coverage, SUSHI and Data Management). We are now interested in Data coverage:

To see which months have available data in Celus, go to the Data Coverage tab. In the example given, it shows that there is no data available for June 2022. This section provides an overview of data coverage for a specific platform, including both manually uploaded and SUSHI harvested data. Note that you can choose the report to be displayed above the coverage chart.

To check data for any time range, simply set up a Date Range in the upper bar.

How to check on the automatic SUSHI harvesting?

You have the option to check the status of the automatic SUSHI harvesting for a particular platform or for all platforms at once. First, lets have a look at one specific platform. 

Once again, click on Platforms in the left side bar and choose the platform you want to check. Click on the name of the Platform. From the five horizontal tabs, we will now choose "SUSHI" and click on "Overview":

A Yearly overview opens, where individual reports can be harvested or deleted. Read more information about this dialog here

Overview of automatic harvesting for all platforms at once

You can check the status of all harvesting in your Celus by clicking on "SUSHI Status"  under "Data management" in the left side bar:

Here you can see an overview of all reports being harvested for all platforms. By hovering on the icons, you can see details about harvesting errors etc. 

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